Friday, September 13, 2013

Which profile pic do YOU prefer?

All right, so...there's been a bit of outside pressure for a while now to update my LinkedIn profile picture to make it somehow more..."appropriate." (point taken if you look at the old one at the bottom of this post)

The problem is that any time I use myself in front of the camera (not always recommended), something totally ridiculous comes out! It's not easy to get in front of the camera - even when it's my own. Anyone who knows me already understands that I love all things ridiculous, over-the-top and that although I have a serious side, it's just plain more fun to clown around.

The end result is that a serious, professional and therefore more appropriate picture has simply never come into being. And so today's post is an attempt to fix that and to satisfy all those who have been pushing for that long overdue change.

So the strong contender is the top image in that snazzy disco suit, although I've also come up with a runner-up option here below:

You can let me know what YOU think! ...and while you're at it, go right ahead and connect with me on LinkedIn if we're not already - after's Friday (the 13th), so let's get this party started!

Previous (and LinkedIn-INappropriate) photo here:

...what's with all the silly moustaches ¿right? Have a great weekend!


  1. Hands Down ... Cigar pose. You look a wee bit ill but that just adds to the mystique!

  2. Gary, I knew I liked you!
    Dude...I'm not a smoker - after 45min. of trying to get that shot, I was absolutely green! Well spotted....

  3. I have to agree with the cigar pose. The other looks too highschool yearbook while the other shows the artistic abilities.

  4. I love all three shots for different reasons. I think a profile picture has a function...You connect with someone about a potential project. You don't remember what the person looks like but it would be embarrassing to admit it. So you hope to hell s/he recognizes you when you walk into the coffee shop for your first meeting. Only reason I changed my profile pic.

  5. Awesome - thank you guys for your comments! is a bit tricky trying to juggle traditional expectations vs. making a lasting impression! Good food for thought....