Sunday, November 10, 2013

White Dress: Creative Portrait Photography Toronto

Click images to see them larger - go on! They look better that way!
[Update: a couple of these pieces are now showing at Gallery 44 in the 401 Richmond building for a short time!]

This is the stuff I love to do....

The new element here was being ready to shoot at day break. Some swear by morning light, but during summer in Toronto, that means you're set up, ready & shooting as the sun is coming up somewhere between 5:00 - 6:00am. Luckily in October you can get an extra hour of sleep, but the trade off, of course, is that it's already starting to get cold. That means a well-rested (or better rested - it's still early!), but rather chilly model.

Just under 10 degrees celsius is definitely nippy for a little summer dress and a photographer constantly asking for such small adjustments from frame to frame, but Erin's pretty tough in the cold with no complaints all pinned with extra fabric everywhere. As a bit of a sissy in the cold myself, I know I would have been useless - not to mention the fact that the dress might not have suited me quite as well. Just the cut of it, I guess....

Erin Siegel is an artist and designer who also happens to model. Check out her art & design work here and her modelling portfolio here.


  1. So beautiful, Shayne! Love these... the concept and the tones are so dreamy.

  2. Great images. Love the tones. Very well done, Shayne.