Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moustache Diaries

Last weekend we hit Toronto's Kensington Market in search of random moustaches on the street to find the essence of their facial hair (and of course to make some portraits)....

long term Movember 'stache
2 year Movember 'stache

Predictably we found some Movember and non-Movember 'staches, but were also pleasantly surprised to find a year-round Mo-inspired hairy creation.

Indian 'stache
Kyle & Ashley

Indian 'stache

Thanks to everyone who participated and special thanks to Molly Buttons, We Are Not Sentamental and to the friendly folks at Crow's Nest Barbershop.

Green vintage car
Green vintage car

crow's nest barbershopThanks also to The Shpil for permission to use of their very appropriately titled, "Twirly Moustache" composed by band accordionist, Isaac Schankler. Buy their album on CD Baby or iTunes.

crow's nest barbershop
moustache light
Molly Buttons
Donate if you can through Steven's Mospace online or drop by and make a donation in person to Crow's Nest Barbershop!

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