Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Strangers (and New Friends) in Sayulita, Mexico

Just recently we were in Sayulita, Mexico and wandered around with a simple and mobile two-light setup asking random strangers if we could photograph them. Amazingly, every single person (or group of people) responded invariably with, "sure! What would you like me to do?"

Cristy said that would never work in Toronto, which we put to the test in last week's episode towards the end of Movember. Predictably, people here in Canada answered our fun hook about a photo/video moustache project skeptically with, "what's this for?"

It still turned out to be a lot of fun, but it was so refreshing to be in the small town of Sayulita where people actually approached us to have their picture taken! So thank you to all of you who participated randomly in the small, but very quaint streets of Sayulita, Mexico.

Surf board rentals where I tried surfing for the first time


Finally, blowing bubbles became a family affair with Mom and Grandma joining in

Great restaurant for dinner on our first night
The rest of the trip

...was stunning as well. For such a small town, there was a lot to do and for us, 33 degrees Celsius in November is an easy adjustment....

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