Friday, December 21, 2012

Fall to Winter in Red

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Whether it's a small child taking pictures, someone with a point and click camera or a professional photographer, one of the things that catches our interest in any given photograph is the focus on a detail that we otherwise might not have stopped to notice.

It's fascinating how we often make assumptions on what's outside of the frame based on what we're given inside the frame - especially considering that we normally see so little of the actual environment in a photograph being unable to look around 360 degrees.

Isn't it fun to take a really high-end, sophisticated looking glamour shot in any of the top fashion magazines and imagine a very unsophisticated scene just outside of the frame? The sophistication really only has to extend to the four corners of the frame for 1/200th of a second at a time....

Anyway, I passed by the area in the image above and was really drawn to the inverted 'S' curve of the staircase. There were still just a few leaves hanging on to the trees toward the end of Fall just before we went to Mexico when I grabbed the nearest model I could.

The story is supposed to be more about a care-free feeling of peace and serenity alone in a forest or wooded area.

In reality, the small patch of beauty and the inverted 'S' curve are contextually more associated with the busy and crowded, less beautiful city intersection than anything else:

More fun adventures next week....

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